Compression Therapy Guide

Truform® Compression Therapy Products, a complete range of hosiery, stockings, socks, pantyhose, and more. 

Truform helps relieve the symptoms associated with poor circulation in the legs, and offers a wide selection of products to match your lifestyle, including: traditional medical stockings, fashionable dress wear, high performance active wear, specialty socks, and accessories.

Use our Therapy Guide to find the Truform product right for you.

Truform...the support you need with the style you want!

Truform stockings are carefully designed and manufactured to provide maximum therapeutic support without sacrificing great looks and wearing comfort. Manufactured in the US from only the finest and most technologically advanced yarns available, on state-of-the-art knitting equipment, our technicians monitor each step of the manufacturing process. The combination of technology and knitting know-how produces socks, stockings and pantyhose that will make you Feel and Look Great!

Truform supports your Leg Health.

Truform is great for traveling!

When traveling our legs may be cramped and inactive for long periods of time. These conditions can cause blood flow to slow down and lead to problems such as: swollen and achy legs and feet, or a general tired, sluggish feeling.

Due to their graduated compression design, Truform therapeutic legwear counter pressure inside the leg veins to help promote healthy circulation. Truform wearers enjoy:

  • A reduction in ankle swelling
  • Relief of general fatigue
  • Reduced leg discomfort

Wearing Truform graduated compression hosiery - a simple measure to help reduce the risks and discomfort associated with travel-related circulatory problems.

Truform Leg Health


Achieving and maintaining better health is important for most of us, but with busy schedules at home and work we may forget about maintaining the health of our legs.

While leg problems occur in both men and women of all ages, certain factors such as general health, lifestyle, heredity, injury, surgery, age, and pregnancy, can contribute to an increased risk of venous problems.

We cannot influence all of these contributors, but we can work to improve our lifestyle through age-appropriate exercise, proper posture, keeping active, choosing well-fitting apparel, and wearing therapeutic support hosiery that is right for our needs.

View our video for leg health tips.

Choose Truform to support your Leg Health and your Active Lifestyle.