Truform Accessories are designed to help make your therapeutic support hosiery experience comfortable and effective.

Active Wear

Shock-absorbing cushioned foot, moisture wicking materials and stay fresh finish produce comfortable, high-performance socks that are stylish and durable enough for both casual and athletic lifestyles!


Cushioned comfort and protection for anyone with sensitive feet - especially helpful for individuals with diabetes.

Dress Wear

Truform Dress Wear styles feature designer-knit socks for men and women, and lightweight, elegant sheer stockings and pantyhose that are suitable for business and social occasions. Fashionable Therapy so you Arrive in Style!

Medical Wear

Therapeutic Styles are recommended for ambulatory, active men and women seeking relief from moderate to pronounced symptoms associated with poor circulation. Recovery Styles are recommended for the recuperating patient.

Upper Extremity

Truform Ready To Wear Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets are designed to help manage swelling following trauma, surgery, or radiation therapy.