Truform - Certifications





Safety Warning

To ensure proper application measure the smallest part of ankle, right above the ankle bone. Then measure calf circumference at widest flare of calf muscle. For thigh length models, also measure distance from floor to mid-thigh, then measure thigh circumference at this point.

Legal Disclaimer

Consult your physician or certified fitter prior to use. Size chart is not definitive and should be used only as a guide. This garment is a class II medical device and is subject to the rules and regulations of the FDA. Warranty is non-transferable. Warranty only valid when purchased from authorized retailers. 


Treats and prevents: ankle, leg and foot swelling, moderate varicosities, thromboembolism & thromboembolic disease, edema & lymphatic edema, venous ulcerations & chronic venous insufficiency, post thrombotic syndrome, orthostatic hypotension, post sclerotherapy and other surgeries. Promotes leg health through the circulatory system. 


Remove jewelry, use the fingertips to grasp stocking. Place hand inside stocking grasp heel pocket and pull the stocking inside out up to the heel. Pull over foot until heel pocket is positioned evenly over heel. Position rest of stocking over leg, pull up in small increments smoothing it as you go. Stockings may initially have a snug or tight sensation. Your fitter may suggest a specific wear time each day. If you experienced any discomfort using your garment discontinue use immediately.